A  Dream A Design

a design that lasts a lifetime

Yaritza Tevenal

Abstract and Fluid Artist based in Boston, Massachusetts

Yaritza Tevenal, is 47 years old Boston base artist and founder of her company “ A Dream A Design”.  From her younger years she admire art from the contrast and the depth of every detail and colors. She began to paint when she was 12 years old. Over the years her path took a different turn. 

In 1996, She graduated from YouthBuild Boston receiving a high school diploma and a scholarship. Losing her brother to violence that same year, Yaritza never stop to accomplish what she always love, Art.

In 1997, She attended (CPI) Computer Process Instituted in Cambridge, Ma. and study accounting. It wasn’t till 2012 that she decided to attend Bunker Hill Community College majoring in Visual Design. Two years after that Yaritza lost another brother in 2014 still she began to move forward. Having a Passion for art she decided this is what she want to be, an Artist. In 2017 Yaritza was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. As a survivor, She fought through it and is bless to have God in her life to give her the strength in. Today, Yaritza continue to create beautiful abstract and mixed media art with beautiful flows of mix acrylic paint all on canvas. A few month after she began to take things to another level, by designing ceramic coasters to food trays. All her art are all original pieces and they are a reflection of what She has gone through and what she has become.  If she have not gone what she went through she wouldn't be who she is today, Another strong survivor.

If you like to hear more about Yaritza Tevenal and A DREAM A DESIGN check out her social media sites or send her an email.